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Hundreds of new immigrants come to BC every month. They are looking for jobs, housing and social support. Most of MHHS clients come from South Asia and the Philippines. Services are available to newcomers, including caregivers, temporary foreign workers and family class immigrants. It takes funding and time to serve newcomers.

Donate in-kind or monetary contribution

Help fund good programs that we identify and need, such as counselling services for families, legal advice, caring for younger newcomers and teaching entrepreneurship. Consider monthly giving and one-time donations. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Please call 604.879.3277 to talk to us how you can help.

Donations received by the MHHS-NRC are utilized to supplement funding for its programs, services and operations.  As a non-profit and charitable institution, the MHHS-NRC is mainly dependent on funding support from the 3 levels of government, plus the generosity of the members of the community.  Your donations will go a long way in helping the society realize its vision of helping newcomers succeed in Canada.

All donations to the MHHS-NRC will be acknowledged with a receipt, and is tax deductable.

Donate your time and support your new neighbours

  • Can you spare some time with your new neighbors to help them get settled? Be a volunteer at the Helping House.
  • Help shape the future of MHHS by electing good people to the board, or being part of a committee.Become a member

You can make a difference. Be a part of a worthwhile cause.

Thank you for your Bayanihan spirit!