The clients of the MHHS-NRC are primarily newcomers in Canada, regardless of ethnicity. They come from different sectors and industries. Although the society’s primary focus is rooted in supporting new immigrants, the programs of the MHHS-NRC also suit those who are newly transferred to the Metro Vancouver area. The MHHS-NRC also provides support to Temporary Foreign Workers and Live-in Caregivers who wish to sponsor or bring their families to join them in Canada.

Why should I go to MHHS-NRC?

The MHHS-NRC and its team members can provide you with much needed information regarding your settlement in Canada. Receive valuable information pertaining to:

  • Housing and your rights and obligations as a tenant
  • How to file your information with various government agencies
  • The benefits you can enjoy from the government
  • An understanding of the Canadian job market
  • Canadian tax system
  • Legal assistance
  • An understanding on the process of sponsoring loved-ones for migration to Canada


Settlement and Integration Program-assists newcomers to adapt, settle and integrate into Canadian society socially, economically as quickly and comfortably as possible.

  • Seniors Program– addresses issues facing seniors and their families including gaining access to government and community services, and battling social isolation
  • Youth Program– Youth-related workshops, camps and conferences and Recreational activities such as field trips, sports, music, arts and dance