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The MHHS-NRC provides services covering the needs of new immigrants regardless of their age group.  The Seniors Program is designed to provide assistance to new immigrants 55 years and older.  The MHHS-NRC recognizes the valuable contribution members of this sector provide to Canadian society.

Seniors have as much varying needs as any age group coming to Canada.  The program addresses issues facing seniors and their families including gaining access to government and community services, and battling social isolation.  The regular activities provided by the MHHS-NRC Seniors Program provide members and clients a chance to socialize, to learn, and continue to be productive members of society.

The program is primarily designed to help seniors fully participate in the community, embrace diversity, and empower them to get involved and be leaders.

Service Offerings

The Seniors Program provides members with access to information regarding:

  • Housing
  • Transportationseniors chair exercise
  • Medical services
  • Family relationships
  • Finances
  • Recreation
  • Immigration
  • Sponsorship
  • Citizenship
  • Employment
  • Caregiving
  • Wills and Estate planning
  • Banking and Insurance

Seniors’ Socials
The Seniors Program provides members a venue for workshops on various topics such as health, leadership, estate planning, and connecting with service providers, among others.  Endearingly called as “Kapihan” or socializing over a cup of coffee, these activities provide seniors a regular outlet to share their ideas and learn from their peers.  The Kapihan activities also serve as a fun way for the seniors to get together in the form of dancing, singing, cooking, cultural exchange, partnering with the youth, recognizing individuals, and celebrating milestones.

Workshops and Special Events
Apart from its more informal venue under the Kapihan activities, the MHHS-NRC Seniors Program provides formal workshops focused on training and practical information on diverse topics.

The program also prepares events for seniors to celebrate special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentines, Christmas, and Easter.  The program also organizes field trips, excursions and picnic, all on pot luck basis.  Seniors program members are also invited to participate as performers in cultural shows, community events and festivals.

Seniors Program Coordinator
Evangeline Igonia
604.879.3277 ext. 255