5 Things You Need To Know To Get Settled In The United States

If, like the Mayflower pilgrims, you too are tempted by the American dream, know that the adventure is not without pitfalls! Although the business is less perilous today than it was in the 17th century, expatriation to the United States remains a delicate matter for many reasons. Taxation, expat insurance, education… we explain everything there is to know before the big departure!

The U.S. Driver’s License: Is It Really Necessary?

As you move to the United States, you may feel that getting a U.S. driver’s license is somewhat unnecessary. In fact, why bother with this kind of formality when you have an international license? Well, you should know that across the Atlantic, the driver’s license has a completely different use than in our latitudes! In addition to authorizing you to drive on the roads, it serves as your identity card, allows you to open a bank account, buy a vehicle and complete 1,000 other formalities. So review your code and take the test as soon as possible after your arrival!

Tax For Expatriates In The United States: The Tax Return

By leaving your home country, you will migrate your tax home to the United States. In doing so, you enter the very complicated game of American taxation and tax return! Because if in Uncle Sam’s country your taxes are levied at source, they must be regularized every year.

To do this, you will then have to complete an endless file. Like most Americans, you can call in an accountant who will take care of everything to pay you. If you plan to migrate to the state of Ohio, particularly in the Cleveland area, you do not have to worry as there are a lot of Cleveland CPA firms who will be able to assist you with filing your tax returns.

Beware, the service can be in the hundreds of dollars! In addition, if you do it too late, you will have to avoid more than substantial fines.

The Price Of American Education

As for education, you should pay tuition fees for your children as a foreigner, even in a public school! In addition, if you want to enrol them in a private school or a French school, you will have to pay large sums of money.  In New York, the price of a school year per child can go up to 20,000 euros.

The Green Card: How To Obtain This Precious Sesame?

To be able to settle permanently in Uncle Sam’s country, you will have to obtain the famous green card and become a permanent resident. Unless you have American family or win the green card lottery, you will have to be sponsored by your employer. Your employer will need to fill out form l-140, Immigration Petition for Alien Worker. You will be required to pay the $580 registration fee.

How To Access An Efficient Health Care System?

Compared to the French social security system, the American health system is much less advantageous and does not allow for such large reimbursements. And at the price of consultations and medical acts (up to 100 € for a visit to the GP compared to 20 € in France, several thousand for a day in hospital compared to 800 € in France), it is better to have a good mutual insurance company! While it is possible to obtain health insurance through one’s employment in the United States, it is however advisable for expatriates to have expat insurance when they leave. This insurance provides coverage that is as advantageous as in France and offers a smooth transition to your new home.