How to Migrate to the US as an Accountant?

Migrate to the US as an Accountant

Migrating to the US might be the best move for you as an Accountant. The US absorbs people from different nationalities all over the world. In contrast to the records of some decades ago, the population of immigrants has increased.

The US recorded about 14 percent as the immigrants’ population in 2017. This population includes individuals of their working-age with different skills and academic qualifications. This population has been reported to impact the US positively.

As an accountant seeking to immigrate, there are different options for you in the US. It is also essential to be well informed about the processes.

Migration Using a TN Visa

This option is considered the best for accountants from Mexico and Canada who want to work in the US. Based on nationality, academic qualification, and more, accountants can apply for different Visas.

You can sponsor your visa yourself, or the company would do that for you. In this scenario, application through the TN visa is the best bet. The following are required to apply for a TN Visa;

  • Bachelor Degree
  • CA Certification (Chartered Accountant)
  • CMA Certification (Certified Management Accountant)
  • CGA Certification (Certified General Accountant)
  • Licenciatura Degree in Accounting
  • CPA Certification (Certified Public Accountant)

Migration Using an H1B Visa

Using the H1B visa is a good option for engineers. The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa. It is also a good option for those who want to get an accounting degree.

The H1B visa avail individuals without degrees the opportunity to immigrate to the US. This option is available, provided the individual has experiences that qualify them for such.

Migration Using a 0-1 Visa

Immigrants that possess extraordinary skills or laudable achievement are granted the 0-1 visa. The 0-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa for foreigners. For immigrants to qualify for this visa, their ability is checked. There must also be a job offer for an individual immigrant.

This visa includes two categories, 0-1A and 0-1B. 0-1A is for people with exceptional abilities in education, science, business, and also athletics. 0-1B includes people with extraordinary art abilities in the media industry and motion picture. Therefore, as an accountant, you are in the 0-1A category.

You might need to use some help and professional advice to get your visa. Professional service would save you from avoidable mistakes. You can also get your visa with more ease.

How to Work as an Accountant in the US?

Work as an Accountant in the US

Moving to the US is one thing and working as a professional is another. As an accountant, essential degrees in accounting are required. It would help if you also decided to practice as an accountant or a Certified public accountant. Would you want to work with a firm or be independent?

Beyond the essential degrees, practicing in some states requires advanced certifications. People need to become CPAs. A Certified Public Accountant carries out all the functions of an accountant and more.

A CPA can represent a person before the Internal Revenue Service, audit accounts, and review statements. Every CPA in the US must pass all CPA exams. These exams are;

  • Audit and Attestation
  • Business Environment and Concepts
  • Regulations
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting

Getting an internship or an entry-level job will help boost your resume. It would help you build a stable career in the industry. Your LinkedIn profile must also be updated with necessary information about your career. LinkedIn would help you connect with opportunities in your field.

Getting a job shouldn’t make you comfortable. It is wise to take deliberate steps towards career growth. It might require you to go for higher certification.

Accountants and Certified Public Accountants records and inspects the accounts of individuals and corporate organizations. These include government parastatals and companies.

Accountants and CPAs in the US can be self-employed or work with large organizations. There are individual owned CPA firms all over the US, just like CPA Virginia beach.

You can also work as an accountant or a CPA on a full-time or part-time basis. Tax seasons usually comes with a lot of work for the accountant or CPA. It is similar to what is obtainable towards the budget year-end.


Immigrating to the US as an accountant might be the boost you need for your career growth. There are numerous opportunities for professionals who want to work in the US. The US welcomes individuals with practical skill-sets.

With the required professional certification, you can always find a place for you. You might need to start from an entry job and grow from there, depending on your certificate.