Caregiver and Temporary Foreign Workers

The current advocacies of the MHHS-NRC were initially founded on the immediate support needs faced by caregivers and temporary foreign workers.  Through the work of the MHHS-NRC, the community and the different levels of government now have a better understanding and appreciation of the value brought by this sector of the community – from supporting Canadian business to providing Canadian families relief in caring for their loved ones.

Falling within the umbrella of the Settlements Services group, the MHHS-NRC program for Live-in Caregivers and Temporary Foreign Workers provide a variety of services from Newcomer Orientation, Workshops and Social Support.

Service Offerings

Newcomer Orientation

Get to know general and specific information about life in Canada.  Sign-up with the MHHS-NRC and get help in:

  • Getting around
  • Understanding salary and tax structures
  • Understanding your rights and responsibilities
  • Dealing with legal issues
  • Connecting with peers in your community
  • Form-filling


The MHHS-NRC provides workshops tailor-fitted to the specific needs of caregivers and temporary foreign workers.  These workshops allow participants valuable insight about their particular sector, and provides for specific support for their requirements.  Attendees to these workshops learn about:

  • Community resources
  • Employment standards and labour code requirements
  • Immigration processes and options
  • English communication skills
  • First-aid training
  • Values and self-esteem
  • Basic financial literacy
  • Computer classes

Social Support

More often than not, caregivers and temporary foreign workers settle in Canada on their own, away from their respective families and friends.  The MHHS-NRC provides clients with access to different programs and information designed to help ease them through the difficult stages of settling in Canada.  The MHHS-NRC caregiver and temporary foreign workers program support:

  • Social events, conference
  • Separation and reunification assistance
  • Family adjustment issues
  • Significant life changes


We Care Settlement Support Services for Caregivers

Supported under the umbrella of the MHHS-NRC Live-in Caregiver program, We Care is an organization formed by the society’s caregiver and health-worker clients.  We Care represents the core group of the MHHS-NRC’s caregiver clients who actively participate in programs intended for their sector.

The We Care group hosts different activities for its members such as:

  • Informational workshops concerning legal rights and responsibilities of caregivers
  • Free legal and form filling assistance
  • Free computer classes
  • Referral to other community resources and services
  • Career planning, networking and mentoring
  • Conversational English skills development
  • Resume preparation
  • Parenting skills
  • Internet access and computer use
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Social gatherings (karaoke, picnics, line dancing, etc.)